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Welcome to The Analytical Laboratory at assay office birmingham

jewellery and watch showThe Laboratory offers independent expert analysis across a range of sectors. Precious metal analysis is its traditional specialism but The Laboratory has also established expertise in testing costume jewellery, watches, fashion accessories, leather goods, textiles, toys and other consumer goods.

The Laboratory has been the subject of considerable ongoing investment in state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. This, coupled with innovative new methods and the continuous professional development of all technical personnel, has putThe Laboratory at the forefront of analytical technology.

A credible, accurate and accredited report from a highly respected, independent organisation such as The Analytical Laboratory at Assay Office Birmingham adds confidence and protects buyers and sellers in many sectors.

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Silver price on 19/12/14 £325.494 per KG
Gold price on 19/12/14 (AM) £24.592 per GM
Gold price on 19/12/14 (PM) £24.576 per GM
Iridium price on 19/12/14 £10.722 per GM
Palladium price on 19/12/14 £16.327 per GM
Platinum price on 19/12/14 £24.583 per GM
Rhodium price on 19/12/14 £25.254 per GM
Ruthenium price on 19/12/14 £1.198 per GM
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